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Were you recently denied a mortgage, a car loan, or perhaps even a job opportunity?


We’ve helped thousands of people in your situation, and we can help you.  If you listen to information from the credit bureaus, you’ll hear that there’s nothing you can do about your bad credit for the next 7 – 10 years.  We’re proving them wrong, one customer at a time. You can  begin seeing results in as little as 30 days. Our system  has proven over 99.6% effective for our customers over the last 3 years.

This is EXACTLY what you have been waiting for!

With our FICO Dominator System, you are guaranteed to improve your credit score to 700 or better in less than two months, or you get your money back. No strings. Buy this program today, and if at the end of 8 weeks you’re not happy with how much your credit score has improved, just let us know. Drop us an email. We’ll cheerfully refund 100% of your money.

But we’re not worried… in all our years of doing this and the more than 5,700 people we helped to repair bad credit, only 19 people have asked for refunds. That tells us something, it tells the world something, and we’re proud of it. Which is why we expect to be hearing from you in 8 weeks, telling us about your success.

You Will Learn How To...

  • Get Free Reports

    You will learn how to get a free Credit Report and Score ON demand.  Never pay for a credit report again!

  • Read Reports

    Not familiar with how to read a credit report?  No Worries, I break it all down for you line by line. Easy Peasy!

  • Dispute Reports

    Learn how to effectively dispute your credit report using little known techniques that get REAL results!

The Real Conspiracy


The REAL conspiracy is among the “big three” credit bureaus. They want to keep your scores low, and they “educate” you with PARTIAL TRUTHS so you believe their lies about how “hard” it is to change their “official-sounding” reports. Why?

It’s all tied to the Dirty Secret they share. Here it is: Credit bureaus make their money by selling the contact information for the people whose credit scores they compute, and a person with a credit score lower than 640 is worth 145 bucks a year, while that SAME PERSON with a 700+ score is worth just 85 bucks a year.

You may think that the difference between $145 and $85 isn’t much, but multiply that by the 55 million people with bad credit, and we’re talking some serious bucks for the credit bureaus — about 3 BILLION dollars. Do you think they’ll spend a few of those bucks to keep our scores low?

Sure they will, but we’ve leveled the playing field for you…

Delete The Following In 30 Days!

  • Repo's

  • Late Pays

  • Inquiries

  • & More

Check Out What My Customers Have To Say...

I stumbled across this book one night by chance and ended up reading it.  Let me tell you.... instead of me telling you how awesomely short and to the point this book is, I'll just go ahead and tell you that if you follow the direct steps given by this author you WILL see results. IT WORKS! Within the first 30 days 95% of the items I disputed were taken off my report. I'm now doing step 2 of this author's recommendation. If you're wanting to repair your credit, this book is a MUST READ!!! -  John D.

I must say that I was certainly skeptical. I did not know if it would work, how it would work but I can honestly say this inexpensive book has saved me tons of money. I literally followed the simple instructions in this book and it worked! I bought a house. I bought a new car at the dealership. All would not be possible without the dramatic change in my credit score. Thank you! - S Thomas

This book has given me hope and saved me from a costly mistake. I will be using this book to get back on track with my credit. Excellent job! I will recommend this book to anyone who doesn't have hundreds of dollars to invest in credit repair, but desperately need their credit back on track! Buy this book! - D Nathen

We Are Not Selling Dreams...

This system has worked for thousands of others, and it can work for you as well. We want to be honest  with you, this DOES REQUIRE SOME WORK but  we will give you everything you need to do it yourself.  Most of our customers invest about 2 hours per week for 7 weeks to repair their credit. That’s less than 15 hours to permanently change your life. 

You don't need to start working on your credit now, but RIGHT NOW!   

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60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

We are  so sure that the information in FICO Dominator will raise your credit score dramatically that we’re offering an unconditional Hassle Free / No-Questions-Asked 60 Day Return Policy.



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