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eBay Declassified is a POWERFUL New eBay Suspension Guide to help you create a New eBay Seller Account and it exposes Top Secret Tips, Tricks & Techniques to current "Stealth Sellers" that cannot be found in any other eBay Stealth Guide and would NEVER be revealed by the moderators of the various eBay Suspension Forums.



1. Buy a pre-made account that from someone you know nothing about.

2. Pay twice the price for outdated information from another stealth guide.

3. Waste time trying to figure out how to do this by yourself


  • Newbie Friendly

    eBay Declassified will Quickly & Easily show you how to create a New eBay Seller Account and have you selling again in no time.  This Step By Step Guide has instructions that are So Clear and Simple ANYONE can do it.

  • Create A New eBay Identity

    You will learn to create a NEW Anonymous eBay Seller Account  which is extremely important because you don’t want eBay to link you to your old account.

  • Sell With Multiple Accounts

    Imagine being able to create multiple accounts at will!  More Accounts + More Sales = More Money in YOUR Pocket!

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

    We Offer a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee!  If you are not 100% In LOVE with what the information in eBay Declassified does for you, we will refund you immediately.


  • Create Unlimited Free VCC's

    Imagine being able to create VCC’s Instantly and on demand. This technique alone will Save You A Ton Of Money because you will never have to pay for a VCC again!

  • Avoid Getting Zero Selling Limits

    Are you tired of getting ZERO selling limits? Discover this 1 Simple Trick that’s GUARANTEED to work like a charm every time.

  • Verify Your Location W/ PayPal

    Can’t transfer funds until you verify your location with PayPal?  I reveal two AMAZING Solutions to Help You Get Your Money Out Of PayPal Immediately!

  • Withdraw Funds In YOUR Name

    Learn how to request a check and/ or make a bank transfer in YOUR name from ANY stealth account. This is a new technique EXCLUSIVE to eBay Declassified.

  • Beat Category Selling Limits

    Discover this 1 SIMPLE trick that I use to sell as many items as I want in ANY category.

  • Reduce Seller Defect Rate

    Learn to Literally Lower Your Seller Defect Rate OVERNIGHT! A Simple Strategy Proven To Get You Results within the Next 24 Hours, GUARANTEED!

Check Out These Awesome Bonuses!

  • How To Change Your IP In Less Than 10 Seconds

  • Avoid PayPal’s SSN Request

  • Easily Keep Track Of Emails From Multiple Accounts

  • Great Tips For Tax Time!

  • Excel Spreadsheet – Keep Track Of Multiple Stealth Account Profiles With Ease!

  • Excel Spreadsheet –  To Help You Keep Track eBay Sales From Multiple Stealth Accounts.

Check Out This Customer Feedback...

This is one info packed ebook. I had known some of the things from back in my CL days but there are some hot secrets in here. Those alone can make you money.  I'm not 3 days using the techniques on another ecommerce platform and they are working like a charm. Thanks for this, you saved my bacon after losing my one big stores this year. -bosoxmib ( member)

All I can say is WOW! The ebook fills in the void that aspkin left out.  It's like playing a video game and this ebook has unlocked secret levels and weapons. -Travs ( member)

"Some of the tips cannot be found anywhere or will not be shared by anyone as they are true gems for any eBay marketer and these techniques and tips may be used for selling on other online retailer websites. Highly Recommended. -John Dell (

Finished reading the book last week and it is a great book to get back to ebay for seller that have been blocked by ebay for no reason.  It is very easy to understand with clear instruction and he gave us a couple different ways to choose which one best for us. - J Smith

Easy to follow directions, lots of cautions to watch out for. This is completely legal. I've had 10 eBay accounts suspended because of ONE suspended account. The others had some common information linked so they suspended all of those. Just be careful. Nothing is fool proof so don't bet your house on it. Ebay will eventually get rid of all the small sellers. They want huge mega sellers / stores. - K Cohen

So far everything is working out great. This book is very well written and very easy to follow, with step by step instructions. Most things I would have never thought of. I wish I had known about this book over a year ago. Anyone who has been suspended from Ebay really needs to read this first. - E Sanders

First of all, I want to thank you for writing a book that actually lives up to what it promises. Secondly, I think it is only right to inform other readers that I had waited a solid, 2 months before leaving a review on this book. I did this because I wanted to see if Ebay or Paypal would detect me within that frame of time, and suspend my account again, but they didn' least not for the last two months. This book is directly to the point, and told me exactly what I needed to do with nothing in between. It is up to date, and all the information is correct. Thanks again for writing such a good book! - P Williams

This was a very good book. It was more than descriptive and clear, being that I do not know computers and technology all too well, and I was able to start selling a few hours after I read the book. Thumbs up, and thank you very much John! - F Norman

I could have saved myself untold misery if I had the book before. I am grateful to the author as well as to all the others who contribute to the site with their information. As we all know, information is a constant thing and new ideas and opinions are greatly appreciated. I would and continue to recommend it for anyone having difficulties with ebay and/or paypal. - V Gadson

I just bought the book last night and have gone through it almost twice. Did not know that such a thing existed until I did some research. If you are new, it’s the best book you can buy to get started. I can assure you that I had I known about the book BEFORE drawing the short straw in the “who gets suspended today” game, I would not have hesitated to make the purchase. If you want to be successful and profitable over time, get the book. Read it. Take action. - I Olsen

I can’t even imagine the time it would take and endless accounts to find out all that detailed info. All the trial and error that must go into that kind of book. VERY and informative…..absolutely worth buying! - L Renolds

Let me say if you’re thinking about buying an Ebay account or starting a second one or are going to make a few to set aside for a “rainy day” then don’t even bother until you’ve read the eBay Declassified. - D Erickson

As a business decision, buying this was a no-brainer. It takes time and money to create a stealth account PROPERLY and then you have to know how to work it to lessen the chances of getting shut down. This guide will easily save me much more than its cost in the future. - S Anderson

 You are NOT making money right now...  you can't afford NOT to read this guide.  


 After you read Ebay Declassified you will NEVER have to fear suspension again!


 Try it, and if you are unsatisfied for ANY reason, I will refund you INSTANTLY


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60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

We are  so sure that the information in eBay Declassified will blow your mind that we’re offering an unconditional Hassle Free / No-Questions-Asked 60 Day Return Policy.




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